上海YORK“裕凯”公司始建于一九九四年,我们是一家集自动车库门、入户门、防火门、小区智能化系统产品为一体,集销售、安装和服务的公司。 公司目前拥有美国RAYNOR“雷诺”、德国Groke“固科”、意大利Nice“耐氏”等国际知名品牌的车库们,入户门,工业厂房门等产品。产品通过ISO9001、CE、CCC等国际质量认证及获得证书。1999年正式被美国IDA国际门业协会吸收为会员单位;2000年获中国建设部颁发的金属结构协会会员;上海市建筑门窗协会会员。 2008年在美国又开办了美国YORK裕凯国际发展有限公司,为本公司拓展国际业务的做出了良好的铺垫;YORK目前已将业务扩大到美国、意大利、保加利亚等国家。



Established in 1994, Shanghai YORK is a company specialized in sales, installation and customer service of garage doors, entry doors, fire rated doors and intelligent community products. We are located in Shanghai, China. with convenient transportation access. We have a variety of brands such as RAYNOR USA, GROKE from German, and NICE from italy. All of our products comply with international quality standards and are greatly appreciated in a variety of different markets throughout the world. And all those products have ISO9001, CE, CCC qualified. We became a membership in USA IDA in 1999; and became a membership of China Construction Metal Structure Association by Ministry of construction people's republic of China in 2000. We are also a member of Shanghai building Hardware Door & Window Trade Association.


We established York international USA ,corp in2008, which foreshadows our plans of expanding international business; now we have business in USA, italy and Bulgaria and etc.


Shanghai YORK established installation and technique guiding, after sale customer service and professional sales department in early 1998, and we have almost 100 employees who have been official trained by foreign manufacture to give local dealer technique support. Those employees are in Shanghai and Eastern China and Northern China and other 20 other cities.


We are also the first one who released the 24hour 800 free phone service in our industry. And we build a solid pipeline in sales and installation and after sale customer service. Our sales team are keeping working hard and giving the best service to our customers. And we believe "Be honest to everyone, Better quality than everyone, and Cheaper to satisfy everyone". We are doing our best to give the best service to every single customer and that is the reason Shanghai YORK could be the top tiermpany in the industry.









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